Parent-Child Communication

26 08 2007

I used to wonder at the parents who would smile when their toddler said something like, “Abbapoo,” and then translate for the rest of us, “Oh, he’s really saying, ‘Chicken.'”

Really? And how do you know that, exactly?

Well, now I get it. When Alex says, “Aaa-beh,” he so clearly means, “Airplane.” I realize nobody in the world but Molly & myself would understand this. But we’re the ones who hang around Alex and realize when there’s the noise of an airplane in the sky, he’ll look up, point, and say, “Aaa-beh!”

Every time.

I guess this is parent-child communication.


Babysitting on Friday

26 08 2007

Friday, we babysat (babysitted?) one of the kids in our PEPS group, Ruby. And once again, Alex showed that he doesn’t really play with other kids. He just kind of plays near them. This is one of the only pictures I got of the two of them together. (They both thought playing with the garage door was the best thing in the world.)

Alex and Ruby at the garage

Mostly, what the evening showed is what it would be like if we had a well-behaved toddler girl instead of our toddler boy. During dinner, Ruby was well-behaved, ate most of what she was offered, and politely didn’t touch what she wasn’t interested. Alex liked to turn his bowl of food over, throw food, and smear what he did eat around his face a little bit. Here’s Alex studying his food. (I think the bowl was turned over 15 seconds later.)

Eating is Serious Business

In contrast, this was Ruby eating her dinner. Notice she’s wearing her bib (Alex now rips his off), and there’s no food smeared on her face or hanging out of her mouth.

Mona Lisa Ruby

Here’s Alex. Wanna check out the green bean in his mouth? Or see the food on his face?

See My Green Bean?  Good at Making a Mess

At least mama’s cooking was finger-lickin’ good.

Finger-lickin' Good

After dinner, we all went outside and played a little bit in the front yard, and mama blew bubbles for everybody in the back yard. All in all, a good time was had by everybody.

Bubbles in the evening

Alex in the Sun  Rock in the pocket.

(That last picture shows an interesting developmental milestone. Alex likes carrying things around with him, like rocks, and he’s just discovered that he can put those things in his pockets. But then he gets upset that his rock is no longer in his hand, and it’s hard for him to get it out of his pocket again. Usually I have to get it out for him.)

Alex at the Seattle Children’s Museum

26 08 2007

Last weekend was a rainy one in Seattle. We needed something to do to keep Alex occupied, but was also indoors… it turns out being a parent of a toddler is a lot easier to do in sunny weather!

We decided to take him to the Seattle Children’s Museum. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t have fossilized children on display. Instead, it’s more like an indoor playground. Alex seemed to have a good time, although Molly and I couldn’t help but notice how many of the exhibits were broken. I guess that’s not surprising given the clientele.

Alex at the fishtankReflectionA Little WetPlaying in the streamSplash

Alex at View Ridge Park

13 08 2007

This past Sunday, we took Alex to View Ridge Park to meet up with his friends from PEPS.

He had a great time. He particularly liked eating donuts (or at least carrying donuts around in his hand). I think you can judge by the mess how happy he was! (And yes, I should point out for those of you who live in other parts of this country, Alex is wearing a sweatshirt in August. In Seattle, I think we’ll remember this as “The Year Without a Summer.”)

I Heart Donuts

Mess Close Up

Happy Alex

Seattle Baby

13 08 2007

On Saturday, Molly gave Alex some of her lukewarm latte. He loved it.


Seattle Baby

Fun at the Park

9 08 2007

I took Alex to Ravenna park this past Sunday. It was a glorious sunny day — one of the few we’ve had in Seattle this summer, a time when we can usually count on perpetual sunshine. I brought Alex’s ball with us. My plan was to teach him to either toss or roll the ball back and forth.

Alex had other plans.

His plan was to demonstrate mastery of his new favorite word, “Mine.” (When he says it, it comes out more like, “Maaiin.”) Once he got ahold of the ball, he wasn’t about to hand it over to me. He held it, turned away, and said, “Mine!”

Since I couldn’t get the ball away from him, I did teach him to sit on it. He liked that.

Can I Get It to Bounce?  On the Ball

And this is him, carrying the ball around.

Carrying the Ball

I’d worn a straw hat to keep the bright sun off my head. I was able to keep it on Alex’s head for all of 25 seconds, and got two worthwhile pictures from it.


Off to the Rodeo

My Cataloging Project is Done (For Now…)

7 08 2007

Over the weekend, I finished cataloging the books in the house. I took a few shortcuts. Our 1910 Encyclopedia Britannica is just a single entry in the catalog, even though it’s 29 volumes. I took a couple of other multi-volume shortcuts on the reference books. There are also some books, like travel guides, that I didn’t bother to catalog. We also didn’t get all of Alex’s books. I’m not sure I got all of the books without ISBNs.

Even so, here are the fun statistics about our library:

  • I have 773 books in the catalog.
  • For 13 of the books I own, exactly one other person on LibraryThing had that book.
  • I categorized 131 books as “literature,” 65 as “cooking”, and 42 as “poetry.”

You can see all of the book reviews I’ve entered here:

(Most of them are just a sentence or two, primarily to help my memory.)

Blue Angels

7 08 2007

This past weekend, the Blue Angels performed over Lake Washington. Alas, this happened during Alex’s naptime, so I couldn’t try to photograph them close up. (Yes, he did sleep through it!) Maybe next year.

However, I did get this picture leaning out my bathroom window.

Four In Formation

Olympic Sculpture Park

7 08 2007

Saturday mornings, Molly goes to the gym for two hours, and I try to find something fun to do with Alex. This past weekend, we went to the Olympic Sculpture Park. This is a new outdoor sculpture park on the Seattle waterfront — it’s a part of the Seattle Art Museum.

I don’t know if Alex is an art lover, but he sure is a dog lover. And it turns out that Saturday morning is a popular time to walk your dogs through the sculpture park.


It’s also a great time to take your dog surfing. Who knew.

The Surfing Dogs

I don’t think the dog on the right was having a good time, because it soon made a break for the shore.

I'm Making a Break For It!

Come to think of it, Alex only seemed to like the dogs and the fences. I guess it will be a while before he appreciates art.

Into the Distance

Can't I Go There?

Some of the scenes from the park:

Silver Tree, Green GrassFerryThe Red ChairsSpace Needle

I got my CueCat

2 08 2007

I got my CueCat today. That’s the barcode scanner I ordered to make it easier to catalog my books. And I’ve learned a few things about myself tonight. First, I get unreasonably excited by cataloging my books. I know all I’m doing is making a list — but it’s still kind of fun. (Even Molly, who sometimes thinks I’m the biggest dork in the world, thought it was fun to swipe book barcodes and see the book show up on the list.)

Second, I learned I’m a really bad estimator. When I started this project, I thought I’d wind up with 400-500 books. I thought I had about “two dozen” cookbooks.

Well, it turns out I have 64 cookbooks. I have over 500 books in my catalog, and I still have a couple more bookcases to go through. I now think I have closer to 700 books in the house. Maybe more.

And today, with the help of my trusty CueCat, I added 340 books to my catalog. Wow.