More Midwest Pictures on Flickr

15 07 2007

We’re now up to 78 pictures from our Midwest trip up on Flickr. Here’s the link again: Midwest Vacation 2007. I still have one more batch of photos to process, so stay tuned. And as usual, as I have time, I’ll elaborate on the stories behind some of the shots.

There’s one pair of pictures I want to point out. We took this picture in St. Louis last year:


And here’s Alex on the same couch, 14 months later:


Back from the Midwest

15 07 2007

We’re back from our trip to the Midwest. All in all, Alex did quite well on this trip — he handled both the airplane and the road trip like a champ. We did discover that he’ll sit quietly and watch Teletubbies! That wound up being a lifesaver on the car ride from Minnesota to Missouri.

I’m still going through all of the pictures from the trip, but the first batch is now available. You can find them on Flickr.

Sick Alex, Happy Alex

3 07 2007

Alex has an ear infection. And this time, he’s letting us know about it. Most times, we only know he has an ear infection because the doctor tells us. This time, Alex is running a high fever (104 has been the peak), and he cries inconsolably when the Tylenol wears off. We’ve kept him out of day care the past two days.

When the Tylenol kicks in, though, the normal “happy Alex” returns. So this afternoon, when it was my shift to watch Alex, I decided to take Happy Alex to the zoo to help wear him out. There are six new pictures of Alex over on Flickr:

This two are my favorites:

I want to be a drummer!


Meredith and Paulie’s Engagement Party

2 07 2007

On Saturday, Meredith’s aunt threw a party to celebrate her engagement. We took Alex. He had a great time! There were lots of other kids to play with:

Children at Play

Meredith’s nephew Phoenix was at the party, too. Phoenix is just six months older than Alex, which means they’re still in the “playing near each other” phase. Here’s Phoenix:


While Alex liked the toys, he enjoyed the food and drink the best.

Juice Squeeze

Strawberry Season

If you want to see all of the Alex photos I’ve put up on Flickr, go here:

Frankie and Alex

2 07 2007

Frankie was up for the weekend to play in the Potlatch frisbee tournament. On Saturday, we took Alex out to the fields to visit. Alex had a great time. Maybe he’s a future frisbee player?

The two of them compared belly buttons. (If you ask Alex “Where’s your belly?”, he’ll happily pull up his shirt and show you. I guess Frankie’s learned the same trick.)

I have a belly button too.

Frankie, Alex, and Molly

You can see the rest of my pictures from Potlatch here: