Ruff, Ruff!

25 06 2007

Alex is having more fun with stuffed animals. The puppy that Brenda gave him on our trip to Virginia is still his favorite, but he’s recently had fun with this puppy as well:

A New Friend

What was fun with this stuffed puppy is Molly would hold it up and ask Alex, “What sound does a puppy make?” A few times, she answered, “Ruff, ruff!” Then he caught on, and he’d answer, “Ra, ra!”

"What sound does a puppy make? Ruff, ruff!"

Getting Better at the Sorting Box

25 06 2007

Alex has gotten a lot better at the sorting box. Before, he could only regularly sort the round block. Now, he can sort most of the shapes (once Mom gives him a bit of a hint).

Mom Helps with Sorting

Sorting Box

Alex and Asher

25 06 2007

Alex’s friend Asher came over to play on Saturday. Of course, for toddlers, “playing together” has a unique meaning. Mostly it means playing near each other.

Mostly we played near each other

Or passing things from mouth to mouth.

"Let me taste!"

But sometimes they would play together. Or at least close enough together to fool me.

Sometimes toddlers do play together

Alex versus the Bavarian Creme

19 06 2007

The day we flew home from Virginia, John bought a box of donuts from Safeway. We decided to see what Alex would do with half a Bavarian Creme.

Alex versus the Bavarian Creme

It was an epic struggle.

Bavarian Creme Carnage

In the end, the Bavarian Creme won. Alex surrendered and had to be carried off the field of battle.

The Bavarian Creme Wins

Alex and Alex

19 06 2007

John and Vicki have a cat named Alex.

Alex the Cat

One day, Alex (the kid) saw Alex (the cat).

Alex sees Alex

They met and became friends.

Alex meets Alex

The end.

I Scream for Ice Cream

19 06 2007

Alex only knows a few words. Right now, his vocabulary is “Dawg” (where the “g” is silent), “bye,” and “uh-oh.” But even with that limited vocabulary, he knows how to ask for things he wants.

Take ice cream, for example.

While in South Hill, we took Alex to get soft-serve ice cream. He liked to eat from Grandmom’s cone. (Grandmom will probably point out that I didn’t really offer Alex my cone. But I’ve learned from my experience with donuts and other pastries that once you offer Alex some of your food, you don’t have much left for yourself.)

Here’s Alex asking for ice cream. Do you understand what he means?

Is That for Me?

What was even more fun is how Alex would be walking around 10 feet away from Grandmom, and then decide that he wanted more ice cream. So, he’d pop open his mouth, open wide, and run.

I Scream for Ice Cream

Just to make sure Grandmom understood what he wanted, he’d stand there with his mouth wide open when he got in front of her.

Where's My Ice Cream?

It worked.

I Got my Ice Cream

VA South Hill Barbershop South Hill

19 06 2007

OK, after posting my latest pictures on Flickr, I thought I’d see who else has taken pictures in South Hill. Not many people have. But I did find one guy who’s on a mission to get his hair cut in all 50 states. Two and a half years ago, for some reason, he chose South Hill for his Official Virginia Haircut. I also like that he hit all of the remaining tourist attractions of South Hill (the barber shop being the biggest attraction, of course): The Model Train museum, the Tobacco Farm Life museum, and S&S Barbeque (which is truly great barbeque).

Using this Flickr thing

19 06 2007

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m going to be uploading my pictures to Flickr. I’m only going to upload the “good” ones. If you want to see the pictures as soon as possible, then, you want to follow this link:

Then, after I’ve spent a little more time polishing the pictures, I’ll post the new pictures and the commentary on this site. So if you only want to see the polished product, keep watching here.

More Mamas and Babies…

18 06 2007


A picture from our trip: Here is a mother deer taking care of a faun at the Reston Zoo.

Back from vacation

18 06 2007


Originally uploaded by B.K. Dewey

I’m still sorting through all of the pictures from my trip to Virginia. In the interest of getting the more interesting pictures up on the internet quickly, I’ve started posting the pictures to Flickr, a separate photo sharing service. You can see all of my pictures there as I go through them.