I’m So Excited!!

29 04 2007

I can’t believe I forgot to post this picture of Excited Alex from our trip to the flower fields.

Why I Love My New Office

28 04 2007

This picture is a few months old, but I just came across it when I was going through some old pictures. I think I’ve told some people how much I love my new office. I think this picture explains why. It’s quite the view.


28 04 2007

So we had the idea to bring Alex to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. It runs through the month of April. Well, we learned a valuable lesson: Don’t go on the last weekend of the festival! Instead of fields upon fields of tulips, we saw fields upon fields of freshly plowed earth.

Luckily, I think Alex still had a good time at Roozengaarde, a visitor’s center set up by one of the flower companies. Apparently the family that owns Roozengaarde has been in the tulip business since the 1700s. While there weren’t fields upon fields of tulips, there were a few gardens full of flowers. And a windmill:

Alex liked walking around on the grass and on the gravel.

He also liked looking at the flowers. We weren’t sure at times if he wanted to eat the flowers.

And of course, I had to take lots of flower pictures. Here are two.

So I Guess It’s Official…

28 04 2007

We no longer have a baby, we have a toddler. Yesterday, the daycare center gave us the official letter saying they’re going to move Alex from the infant room to the toddler room in May. The transition starts the second week of May and lasts two weeks. Each day during those two weeks, he spends a little more time in the toddler room. I like how they try to ease the kids into a new routine. And there’s a lot about the new routine that I think Alex will like, such as going out two times a day to the playground. At the same time, we’ve been warned to expect a lot of tears and general crabbiness during the transition period.

On Friday afternoon, Molly and I peeked into what will be Alex’s new room. The kids in there all look so old. It’s so strange to think that Alex will be with them!

University Village Playground

22 04 2007

This morning, when Molly got back from church, we walked Alex down to University Village. Molly & I got coffee from Starbucks. (Her: Tall nonfat latte; me: grande drip.) We then took Alex to the playground at University Village.

Surprise surprise, the playground was full of kids, and it looked like every parent had a Starbucks coffee. It’s so comforting to know that we blend into our neighborhood.

For the first time, Alex seemed to enjoy the playground. We’ve taken him once or twice before, but he didn’t like the feel of astroturf and seemed overwhelmed by the other kids. This time, he had no problems. Here he is hiding from Mom under the jungle gym:

And here he is on one of those rock-back-and-forth cars:


He also went down the slide a few times. We don’t have pictures of that because I had to be at the bottom of the slide to catch him.

But here’s a bonus playground picture:

Future Chef?

22 04 2007

As many know, our kitchen isn’t very babyproof. So we’re lucky that, in Alex’s opinion, the best thing in the kitchen is the spice drawer. He can spend minutes there, fascinated.

As far as Alex is concerned, there are two great things about the spice drawer. One, it’s easy for him to open and close. Two, it’s full of things that are fun to pick up and shake:

As you can tell, this adds up to great fun!

I know nobody wants to see my flower pictures…

22 04 2007

On the weekends and in the evenings, I’ll take Alex out for walks. No matter how crabby he is when cooped up inside our house, he’s usually quite content when strolling around in the neighborhood. And I’ve also learned to bring my camera along for these jaunts. You never know when Alex will do something cute.

Here’s the dilemma, though. Most of the time on the walks, Alex looks kind of like this:

Kind of dazed, with a stream of snot running down his face. And since it’s springtime in Seattle, I also have sights like these in front of my lens:

So while I’m sure nobody goes to this blog to see what’s blooming in Seattle, you must admit that sometimes the flowers are nicer to look at than he is!