Before and After

16 03 2007

Before (March 17, 2006):

After (March 16, 2007):

What a difference a year makes!

Special bonus picture: Alex talking to his agent on the phone.

Seattle Spring

11 03 2007

It’s springtime in Seattle. That means it’s chilly and wet, but the flowers and trees are blooming! I’ve been taking Alex on a lot of walks recently, because the sights and the motion keep him happy and occupied. Here have been some of the sights he’s seen this past weekend.

Flowers are blooming!

The cherry blossoms are also starting to appear.

We went to Ravenna park today. A stream runs through the middle of it.


An Alex-Eye-View of the World

7 03 2007

Just for fun, I tried to capture an Alex-Eye-View of the world with my camera. This is what his toy collection looks like. Enjoy!

Cameraphone Pictures of Alex’s Haircut

5 03 2007

Yesterday was pretty crazy, and we didn’t have time to go back to the house to get a “real” camera before getting Alex’s hair cut. This is when a cameraphone comes to the rescue. Here’s what Alex’s first haircut looked like.

Do you like my haircut?

4 03 2007

So today, I got my first haircut. Mom’s the one who really wanted it done, but afterwards even Dad said that it made me look a lot cuter.

Here I am before my haircut. Notice the hair over my ears!

And here are several pictures of me after my haircut.