Apple Blossom Time…

25 03 2007

The trees in our neighborhood look extraordinary right now. I made Alex and Molly pose during our walk this evening; it was a rare moment of sunshine in a dreary weekend. Here they are under an apple tree.


25 03 2007

Are they food?

Or are they fashion?


Alex and the Fountains of University Village

19 03 2007

On Saturday, while Molly was running errands, I took Alex out for a walk to University Village. I had my camera and decided to take pictures of him by the many fountains there. I can’t say he looks too thrilled. Maybe he’s waiting for the day he can just watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Here he is by one of the “fountain walls.” The water wasn’t moving too fast when I snapped this picture, but it was his best smile.

In one part of University Village, they have a great sculpture of frogs and a turtle squirting water at each other.

In front of Blue C Sushi, there’s a big fountain. It was very still and reflective that morning.

The last fountain had a great sculpture of birds drinking from the water bubbling out of a rock.


Still Photos from the Birthday Party

19 03 2007

Here are some higher-quality photos that were featured in the video of Alex’s birthday.

I’ve been waiting to make this video for a year…

18 03 2007

Video from Alex’s birthday party

18 03 2007

Apparently there’s this website called YouTube that lets you store and share videos. I’m trying that instead of uploading the video file to my server. It might work better, because you won’t have to download the entire file before you view it. Let me know if there are any problems.

In any event, here is the video.


More Pictures from our Yard

17 03 2007

Yesterday was warm and dry — the temperature got into the mid-sixties. We took advantage of the nice weather and let Alex explore our back yard when we picked him up from daycare.

At first he really liked sitting in the grass:

That lasted until he actually put his hand down in the grass. It was funny to watch; he’d put his hand down, then jerk it away. It didn’t take him long to decide he didn’t like grass at all.

He did much better on the flagstone patio. No funny prickly things under his hands.

The other great thing about the patio is it’s close to many plants. And boy, did those plants look good to eat!

Luckily, he didn’t keep any leaves in his mouth for too long.

He had fun posing for the camera. Here’s his happy face:

Here’s his thoughtful face:

And here he is kneeling.

At this point, I pulled out my cell phone to call Molly and have her come out and take pictures. The good thing is this means there are pictures of me and Alex outside. The bad thing is Alex saw the cell phone, and he loves the cell phone! We couldn’t get it out of his hands for the rest of the time outside.

“Hello, Mr. Spielberg? Let me tell you about this screenplay I’ve been writing…”

 “Damn! Lost the signal again!”

And here he is with his mom. And the phone, of course.


Before and After

16 03 2007

Before (March 17, 2006):

After (March 16, 2007):

What a difference a year makes!

Special bonus picture: Alex talking to his agent on the phone.

Seattle Spring

11 03 2007

It’s springtime in Seattle. That means it’s chilly and wet, but the flowers and trees are blooming! I’ve been taking Alex on a lot of walks recently, because the sights and the motion keep him happy and occupied. Here have been some of the sights he’s seen this past weekend.

Flowers are blooming!

The cherry blossoms are also starting to appear.

We went to Ravenna park today. A stream runs through the middle of it.


An Alex-Eye-View of the World

7 03 2007

Just for fun, I tried to capture an Alex-Eye-View of the world with my camera. This is what his toy collection looks like. Enjoy!