Like My Hat?

26 02 2007

This weekend, my parents were able to keep my hat on my head for longer than 10 seconds. Do you like how I look?

Hi, Grandmom!

19 02 2007

My Grandmom came to visit me this weekend. I had a great time. Here I am with her:

When she was in town, we went to swim lessons together. I had a grand time. My mom took me into the pool, but my grandmom watched!


I know Seattle is a long way from everybody, but it sure is nice when people visit!

Fun with Bananas

6 02 2007

Molly’s out of town on business for three days, so I get to feed Alex on my own. He’s teaching me important things. For instance, before you eat a banana, you should first mash it up well.

Once it’s mashed up, stuff the banana in your mouth:

Then smile to show how much fun you had!

Don’t You Like My Sweater?

4 02 2007

Baby Swim Lessons

4 02 2007

 On Saturdays, we’ve been taking Alex to Baby Swim Lessons at the pro club. Molly’s going to make sure that Alex swims better than his dad! The lessons are pretty fast (30 minutes), and are more about getting Alex used to getting wet and putting his head under water (quickly!). This past Saturday, he got to go swimming with me, and Molly brought the camera…