First Feeding

19 09 2006

Last week, the hard drive died on one of our computers, and we’d packed up the other computer while we were rearranging furniture in our home office. So that put a kink in our already-slow picture publishing efforts.

But I’m now glad to say that we’ve upgraded our 4 year old desktop with a brand-spanking-new Dell laptop with a gargantuan 17 inch screen. It’s awesome for working with photos — much better than what we had before. We’ve got more resolution, more RAM, more processing power, more everything.

So that’s why you finally get to see pictures from Alex’s first feeding! Yeah, this is a couple of weeks old already, but I still think they are great photos. Molly mashed up some ripe peaches and fed them to Alex. This boy loves to eat! Look at that open mouth:

FirstFeeding-2.jpg FirstFeeding-3.jpg

And Molly doesn’t like this picture, but I think it shows how much fun both Mother and Son had during this feeding. So I’m posting it anyway.





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