17 weeks: I have toes!

16 07 2006

For a long time, Alex has known that he has toes. If you’d sit him upright, he’d like looking at them. If he was crabby, you could sometimes cheer him up by touching his toes to his nose.

But this past week, Alex has started to really like his toes. Waking up from a nap? Time to grab the toes! Changing his diaper? Time to grab the toes! Put him on the floor? Time to grab the toes!

In fact, I don’t know if there isn’t a time to grab the toes any more.

I have toes!



One response

28 07 2006
Andrew McCain


Got your URL from Zach and am thrilled to meet Alex. I bet he will be a chip off the old shoulder when it comes to smarts. I’m teaching American Literature in Georgia right row and wanted to share something with you. I had to take a course on Teaching of Reading and we were asked to report on childhood experiences with reading. I thought about it and I realized that you played an integral role in the development of my literacy, as you modeled a passion for books and language. Much of this took place in New Hampshire. We now own that house and would love to one day have you, your wife, and son come visit for a walk down memory lane. The caretaker wanted to cut down a tree in the driveway and I forbade it due to the fact that it was YOUR tree (the one you mindmelded with). Well, all for now. Take care and let’s stay in touch.

— Andrew

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