17 weeks: I have toes!

16 07 2006

For a long time, Alex has known that he has toes. If you’d sit him upright, he’d like looking at them. If he was crabby, you could sometimes cheer him up by touching his toes to his nose.

But this past week, Alex has started to really like his toes. Waking up from a nap? Time to grab the toes! Changing his diaper? Time to grab the toes! Put him on the floor? Time to grab the toes!

In fact, I don’t know if there isn’t a time to grab the toes any more.

I have toes!

16 weeks

10 07 2006

This is how I look at 16 weeks old:


Four month stats

10 07 2006

Today Alex had his four month checkup.  He is now 26.5 inches long (90th percentile) and weights 17 lbs (90th percentile).  His head is 46.5 cm in circumference (75-90th percentile).  Even though his growth has slowed a little (he dropped from the 97th percentile for length and weight), the doctor said he is doing great and is very healthy.

Alex also got his second round of vaccines today.  He received four shots and only cried briefly – what a champ!

Hello, Flipper!

3 07 2006

I need to figure out some way to share audio files over the internet, because today Alex discovered that his voice can go about 3 octaves higher than he’s been using it before. All day long, he’s been doing these high-pitched yelps. It sounds like we have a dolphin in the house. I think we’ll be switching from breast milk to mackerel tomorrow.