My First Trip to St. Louis

23 06 2006

(As told by Alex)

In May, I took my first trip to St. Louis. My mom & I went out there on our own, because dad was busy in London. I had a fun time visiting everybody, and I especially liked the hot weather and crib at Nanna’s house — I slept like a champ!

By far the highlight of my trip was my great-grandmother’s party, held in my honor. (Well, I guess I had to share the spotlight with all the other “new” members of the family, but my parents tell me that I was the cutest new family member!) I learned how to smile when being introduced at a party:


But the party also wore me out, and I spent a lot of time asleep. That didn’t stop people from enjoying my company, though!



The other highlight of my trip to St. Louis was meeting my big cousin Jack for the first time. We got along great!


St. Louis was just the beginning of my adventures, though. From here, I headed off to Virginia — which will be the subject of my next post.



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